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Global Stocks Moving on up – FTSE has best day in months

The key London index of top 100 firms closed 4.29% up or almost 250 points on a day where investor sentiment reached the best level in months.

With economies around the world re-opening (even in this tentative phase), traders have taken been taking the opportunity to enjoy some positivity amidst the pandemic and pushed markets up on a busy Monday trading.

Supplementing the easing of restrictions, we have also seen positive indications coming from Moderna surrounding their vaccine candidate that has pushed their share price up more than 26% today at the time of writing and some rumblings from the Fed that they have more weaponry at their disposal to support the Worlds’ largest economy if they need it.

Markets are thoroughly enjoying every piece of good news at the moment and the reactions and volatility seen during the COVID-19 pandemic have been at levels we have not seen for many a year.

This columnist feels it is safe to say, knuckle down for a bumpy ride, this is one roller-coaster that is not yet close to letting you off.

rollercoaster market