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Best Trading App In India Guide & Top 5

To be considered as the best trading app in India is quite some achievement, and will be the gateway to many new trading accounts in the Worlds’ second most populous nation. Although India is still a developing Country in many respects, the South Asian juggernaut now sits as the 6th largest global economy and is developing rapidly in relation to technology acceptance.

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5 Best trading apps in India
Best broker for trading in India
Why are trading apps in India so popular?

Prospects in India continue to look strong and the projected outlook for economic growth remains very positive in future years. For one of the founding member of the BRICs economic group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), economic growth had been almost a guarantee year on year pre Covid, and it is expected that this will return through years ahead. India is expected to grow by upwards of 8% for 2021/22, and c. 5% per year over the next few years, which would be the envy of many ‘Western’ economies.

The younger nature of the Indian population is a key point that can help to drive this economic growth moving forward. The diversification of industry into one that is more service driven, is typically a sign that an economy is beginning to reach a stage of maturity. Younger people faced with better opportunities, and an improved financial situation are usually pretty open to using technology to support their investment or trading plans. We have seen this trend elsewhere, and India is particularly tech savvy.

Best Trading Apps In India
Massive tech adoption and growing population means lots of apps for trading in India

When considering the population of India is close to 1.4 billion today, there are more than 1.5 billion mobile numbers that are listed as active, alongside approximately 800 million smartphone users in the Country. This is a huge adoption rate and a sign that trading on mobile apps in India is going to be the one of the most interesting segments for years to come.

The average household savings rate in India is displaying both an improving situation and a commitment to putting ones money to work. A 30% average savings rate ranks India well amongst the globe on a percentage basis, and some of this will likely feed into trading apps and online trading in the coming years.

It is this acceptance of mobile technology alongside and increased trading interest that has continued to push demand for trading apps, so of course we all want to know who is the best trading app in India so we can trade with the best!

Best Trading App India – Top 5 Apps for trading on mobile

  1. AngelOne App
    2. OctaFX App
    3. Kite by Zerodha
    4. Upstox
    5. 5Paisa

1. AngelOne App (previously Angel Trading) – Apps for trading awards

Angel One Trading App


Best For : An all around great trading app offering stock trading in India. A recent rebrand from AngelTrading to AngelOne, but the same great platform and app. A wide range of instruments to trade along with margin make it one of the best apps for trading.

AngelOne Trading App Features

2. OctaFX India Trading app – One of the best trading apps in India

octafx logo white 1


Best For : Global trading app with local regulation and a great deposit bonus for extra trading value. Forex specialist with copytrading available and awards for best in Asia for 2021. Free no deposit demo or paper trading account available.

OctaFX Trading App Bonus

3. Kite by Zerodha – Innovative trading app

Kite by Zerodha Trading App Logo


Best For : An innovative app from Zerodha that delivers some excellent additional features. Level 3 data provides great insights into trading sentiment and liquidity. 10 years of history and going strong.

Zerodha Market Level 3 Image

4. UpStox

upstox trading app india


Best For : Fixed costs (Rs 20 per trade) on this easy to use discount broker platform. Best trading app in India for speed.

upstox advantages India

5. 5Paisa

5paisa trading app india


Best For : Direct mutual funds available on the 5Paisa app for trading at just 10 Rs per trade. Charts and indicators are of a good level.

5Paisa Trading App benefits & Features

There are many reasons why people choose to start trading on mobile apps these days, more so than the past. This is the case all around the World of course, but particularly in India where the mobile adoption rate is high. Along with the macro reasons for trading in general such as the improved financial situation of the Country, we would like to understand what makes this type of trading so rapidly growing. We have whittled these reasons down to 8, which we have highlighted below.

Trading on an app in India is remarkably convenient. You can choose to trade from anywhere, at any time of day from the palm of your hand using an item you likely already own. This convenience to be able to execute trades whilst on your commute to work, or from the comfort of your home or office is a key reason that many engage in mobile trading on apps. The smartphone is something that is already in the hands of more than 750million Indians, so why not use this as your portal into trading? After all, far fewer people these days own desktop computers when compared with smartphones.

The best trading apps are free & use equipment you already own!

The best trading apps in India are free to download and use, and if you are one the nearly 800million with a smartphone already then you will need no additional equipment to begin. With some trading apps offering free demo accounts to even practice your trading with paper trading accounts, the barrier to enter into trading is now disappearing. There is a phrase about democratizing trading that has been thrown around a lot in recent years, but with trading on mobile apps, this is actually becoming a reality.

Many apps these days offer a great user experience, and this is something that has been improving steadily year upon year as technology improves and the brokers understand more about what users are looking for. As user demand has grown for trading apps, so has the variety of brokers and trading platforms offering mobile trading.

Strong variety of offers usually brings with it innovation and new features that can be explored to users’ advantage. Having access to live data during market hours and being able to set alerts and notifications that prompt you when certain conditions are met are great advantages to trading on the move. Having to miss those trading opportunities due to not being able to check the markets 24 hours a day doesn’t need to be an issue any longer.

Then there is level of control that is provided when using a trading app. You as the user get to choose from regulated platforms that offer the services you wish to use. You have control over the instruments you trade, when you do it, and at what size you open positions.

The days of having to leave everything to an account manager to operate your investment account and trust them to do everything correctly are now a thing of the past. You can still choose to go that path, but now it will be your choice rather than the only option available. If you would like to trade or invest only in companies you are passionate about, that is your choice, and that is a beautiful thing!

Best Broker For Trading In India

Forex trading in India is regulated by the SEBI, and any broker can be verified by checking directly on the SEBI website. Whilst it is not a legal requirement for a forex trading broker or trading app in India to be regulated by the SEBI, it is recommended locally. There are various guidelines in place which you can find on the same site which can help you to understand some of the individual recommendations for India residents and traders.

Residents of India are able to trade with Internationally regulated brokers as well as locally regulated ones, but this is also down to the acceptance of the broker app or trading app itself. Those which we have listed below are brokers that are regulated in global jurisdictions that are accepting of India residents as clients.

5 Best Brokers In India

1. OctaFX – OctaFX India offer is focused around forex, copy trading and delivering a trading app that makes trading with leverage/margin easy. Many different educational resources help support new traders to develop trading skills.
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2. IQ Option – One of the best brokers globally, trusted in India with a wide range of instruments and a custom built app. More than 40 million traders and many awards won.
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3. AvaTrade – Globally regulated CFD broker with a range of instruments that is hard to match. AvaTrade Go app, and the risk management of AvaProtect are features that put AvaTrade high on the list of best broker for trading in India.
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4. Admiral Markets – An internationally regulated broker in many Tier 1 jurisdictions that has a great range of instruments, commission free stock trading, and very low spreads. There is the newly added copy trading feature which allows you to take advantage of trading strategies proven effective over time.
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5. FXTM – this forex broker offers a great new trading app, and FXTM invest to make trading both accessible and easy. MT4, MT5 accounts are available with competitive spreads and deposit bonuses.
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