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Deriv Minimum Deposit & broker Withdrawal Guide

The Deriv minimum deposit starts from $5 USD but there is some variation depending on the deposit method, account type, and currency you choose to operate your account in.

There are a wide range of choices in each of these segments that we have delved into below, but regardless of which method you choose, the minimum deposit with Deriv remains one of the lowest in the online trading industry.

Deriv Minimum Deposit From 0

Should you wish to try a Deriv virtual account with a minimum commitment, you can choose to deposit nothing and have an unlimited demo account in just a few easy steps. Once you are ready to then move on for real, you can read on for the remainder of the details you will need.

Deriv Virtual Account Has No Minimum Deposit Level Required

Deriv make it easy to get yourself an account activated for testing online trading, and have a reputation with users as one of the better trading platforms.

With more than 85% of users giving excellent, or great ratings on Trustpilot, this is an easy and well reputed starting point. The fact that there are more than 1 million traders using Deriv is another positive.

If you choose to open a demo account, you can do so simply by adding your email and then confirming in step 2. You can then proceed with some basic information and password creation.

Within a couple of minutes, you will be up and running with a Deriv virtual account and all without card details or deposits.

Deriv Virtual Account Signup

Minimum Deposit For Deriv Broker – Currency and Regulation

Deriv Minimum Deposit ZAR – 73
Minimum Deposit USD – $5

EUR – €5
GBP – £5

Naira – 2075
MYR – 21

Before making a minimum deposit with Deriv, or any other trading platform for that matter, one of the first priorities should always be the safety and security level they hold.

In the case of forex trading, you will want to know that the broker is trusted and well regulated in the County you are located before you decide to make even the low entry level of the Deriv minimum deposit.

Deriv Malaysia is regulated by LFSA for both CFD trading and multipliers. The Deriv minimum deposit in Malaysia Ringgit is approximately 21.

Deriv Europe is regulated by MFSA for passporting across the EU, and also holds limited regulation with FCA in UK. The minimum deposit for Deriv broker in Europe is 5 EUR or GBP.

Deriv regulation and deposit protection

One of the most popular regions for users with Deriv real account registration remains in Africa, and more particularly South Africa and Nigeria. Users from Deriv South Africa (or Nigeria) will both be going through VFSC regulation (Vanuatu). Adjusted from USD, the Deriv minimum deposit ZAR is 73 on real account sign up, or 2075 Naira.

Deriv Trade types

The regulations and regions of operation is something we have covered here to help you understand whether Deriv CFD trading is going to be what you are looking for.

Even though the minimum deposit Deriv broker offer is low compared to others in the industry, it remains true that it is more important to get the trading offer right than cheapest.

With that being said, it is still highly credible that a broker does leave the door open for as wide a range of users as possible. Inclusivity in trading is a good thing.

What is the Deriv minimum deposit by deposit type?

The Deriv minimum deposit is the amount of money you need to invest in order to start trading on the Deriv platform. This amount varies depending on your location, so be sure to check the website for specific details if you do not see what you are looking for below.

The deposit and withdrawal processing speed We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible in providing all deposit types but it is never a bad idea to double check yourself.

Deriv minimum deposit & Withdrawal for online banking

The minimum deposit Deriv set for online banking varies slightly based on the type of bank transfer you make, but by and large $5USD to $15USD is the minimum range. If you still have international transfer fees on bank transfer into a usable currency you may be better to explore some of the other deposit types seeing as these fees can be more than the Deriv minimum deposit in some cases.

Processing speeds remain good for both deposits and Deriv withdrawals on this method, and the minimum withdrawal is in line with the deposit. Max deposits and withdrawals for single transactions are also included below for information.

Deriv minimum deposit and withdrawal for online banking

Deriv broker minimum deposit & Withdrawal for Credit or Debit cards

The Deriv broker minimum deposit for credit and debit cards can be conducted in additional currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD (Australia Dollar). Both the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal are the same across the board regardless of card type, with $10 (or the currency of your choice) being the minimum and 10,000 being the maximum.

Deriv card deposits are processed instantly, whereas withdrawal takes up to 1 day. It is worth noting that Mastercard and Maestro methods remain solely for UK customers.

Deriv minimum deposit credit debit cards

Deriv Minimum Deposit For E-Wallets

E-Wallets are interesting in that these are typically a lot more widespread in use in specific regions than other deposit or withdrawal methods and it is always good to see a nice range offered.

The currency allowed on Deriv minimum deposit for E-Wallets vary depending on your preferred selection with Fasapay based out of Malaysia being the only one to limit you to USD deposits.

As with other Deriv payment methods, the processing speeds are very good and the minimum deposit remains between $5 – $10 USD as a baseline.

Deriv broker minimum deposit with e wallets

Deriv FAQ

Why do I need to make a minimum deposit with Deriv?

Your deposit is used as collateral for your trades. It’s also how you earn interest on your funds. The more money you invest, the more money you can make from your trades.

If you do not wish to make a minimum deposit with Deriv, you can go ahead with the no obligation and no fee virtual account and practice trading there.

How do I make a minimum deposit on Deriv?

There are a few ways to make a deposit on Deriv:

– Credit or debit card: This is the easiest and most popular way to invest. Just enter your card details and you’re ready to go.

– Bank transfer: If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can still invest by transferring money from your bank account.

– EWallets: There are a large number of supported Ewallets you can choose to deposit with.

What is the Deriv Minimum Deposit?

The Deriv minimum deposit is the amount of money you need to invest in order to start trading on the Deriv platform, which currently at it’s lowest level is $5USD.

This does change depending on the deposit method and we have covered this in more detail above should you require.

How To Withdraw from Deriv

The methods you can use to withdraw from Deriv are the same as those you choose to deposit with. If you are having difficulty in withdrawing from Deriv for any reason, you can always seek help from customer support, or try these steps below:

– Make sure your balance is above the Deriv minimum withdrawal (from 5-10 USD)
– Ensure your account does not have open positions using margin.
– Check that your account is verified with approved documentation.
– Double check the method you used for depositing, and ensure you use the same.

Is Deriv CFD trading safe?

As a broker or trading platform with multiple regulations, Deriv CFD trading is safe from a regulatory standpoint. All CFD trading carries a degree of risk, but when it comes to the broker risk of trading platform risk; Deriv CFD trading is trusted by multiple regulators to operate in a fair and ethical manner towards traders.