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Admiral Markets Canada Obtains IIROC Licence for CFDs

As a retail forex and CFD broker of more than 20 years, Admiral Markets Canada becomes the latest arm in a string of successful regional launches for the brand now known as Admirals.

The confirmation today of IIROC regulation, added to a host of other trusted Tier 1 and regional trading regulators solidifies Admiral Markets’ place on the global trading table in North America.

Admiral Markets Canada Launch Is A Logical Step

It seems only natural that with FCA regulation for UK, CySEC for wider Europe, ASIC for Australia, that North America, and particularly Canada where CFD trading is regulated would be the next step. We cannot help but think it is good to see that Canadian traders will be further supported by an additional global player with local regulation.

Admiral Markets Canada Regulated as next step
Admiral Markets International HQ

There are an increasing number of international brokers that are making moves into Canada, and competition is usually a good thing as far as retail traders go. We have put together an analysis of some of the best CFD brokers in Canada in part to highlight this fact. It is this competition that usually forces brands to innovate, and compete to outperform each other on service standards, trading fees, or instrument availability.

You should note that the IIROC license obtained allows Admiral Markets Canada to provide execution only services for CFDs in Ontario and British Columbia only at this point, with the plan to expand across the remainder of the Country in future periods; should Canadian traders embrace the broker.

“During recent years, we have opened new regions, which enable us to offer access to financial markets for everybody and anytime. This is another success story and continuation of our expansion plans. Regardless of that this is a move outside our core markets in Europe, we are confident that lessons learned and particularly language synergies with the region we commence operations should allow us to seemingly adapt our operation successfully in Canada,”   

Admiral Markets CEO, Sergei Bogatenkov

Admiral Markets Canada Licence Is Execution Only

Admiral Markets in Canada will not advise or recommend the purchase or sale of CFDs, as the licence is approved as an execution-only dealer,.  

Retail users of Admiral Markets Canada Limited will be protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) up to approved limits, in the same way of other locally regulated firms.

With this interesting addition to the trading landscape in North America, we look forward to seeing how things pan out for Admirals there. Although Canada is a market that is flourishing for many forex brokers, there are challenges being experienced in user acquisition as certain elements of excitement among retail traders fades from the 2020 and 2021 highs.

As the world, and financial markets seek to return to some semblance of normality; Admiral Markets are at the very least now positioned in Canada to support the next wave of retail users that look to engage in the CFD trading markets.

The Next Decade At Admirals Looks Bright

Admiral Markets CEO confirmed as much with his comment that this new regulation is very much aimed towards fulfilling part of the longer term strategy of the broker moving into the next decade. Short term bumps in the road for markets will not derail the best brokers out there from retaining focused on the bigger picture.

“This is a part of our long-term strategy and positioning ourselves globally. Furthermore, with this success we tick an important goal on our roadmap for our 2030 strategy,”

CEO of Admirals, Sergei Bogatenkov
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