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Best Signals For Forex & Crypto Trading Guide Free

Discovering the best signals for forex and crypto trading is a definite win in our book. There is no such thing as a perfect signals provider but the best ones come pretty close. Finding a provider that delivers profitable signals for forex, crypto and other types of trading is certainly not easy. That’s exactly why we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled this list of the best signals providers on the market today.

Each provider on this list has been carefully selected based on several factors. These include reliability, accuracy, cost, and customer service. So whether you’re looking for forex signals, crypto signals, or any other type of trading signals provider, you can be sure that you’ll find the ones worth paying attention to right here.

trading signals minimising overload of devices

Best Forex Signals
Best Crypto Signals
Best Free Forex Signals
Best Free Crypto Signals
What Are Trading Signals?
Why Use Forex Signals?
How To Use Trading Signals?
Criteria For Choosing The Best Signals Providers

What are trading signals?

Many do not think to ask what are forex signals before they begin to use them, but a short introduction at least is necessary to understand the way they operate.

By definition, trading signals are a recommendation on a specific instrument that is supposed to be executed at a given price. Forex signals evolved naturally within the finance market largely as a result of necessity.

As retail forex trading continues to grow, there are new challenges presented to those in the earlier phase of experience. Trading signals effectively help accomplish one of the most difficult tasks any trader has to accomplish in a similar way that Managed forex accounts does. The difficulty in finding suitable trading possibilities at the right time and having the confidence to act on them is made considerably easier with forex signals and as such many now use these either as direct trading tools, or as a guide or indicator.

Trading signals then can be thought of as notifications or alerts that tell you when to buy or sell a particular security or investment but do not force you. They can be generated by various methods, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, news events, or even other people.

Why Use Forex Signals?

Forex signals can be extremely helpful in making informed decisions about your trades and by uncovering the best signals providers, you can dramatically increase your chances of success in the markets.

Following the advice of a professional trader or service, you can potentially avoid costly mistakes and improve your access to information. Forex signals can also help you to take advantage of market opportunities that you might not otherwise have noticed. If you’re looking for an edge in the Forex market, using a forex signals service could be the answer.

There are several additional advantages of using forex signals which jump out to most people :

  • Increased profitability – Some signals providers have a very high success rate, so you’re more likely to make money by following their recommendations than by going alone. You do still need to find the best-performing signals providers for this to be true!
  • Reduced risk – By following the best signals providers, you can reduce the amount of risk involved in trading if this is one that also guides on stop losses. Risk management is one of the pitfalls of the retail trader, and if you can gain some assistance on this particular topic you will have a greater chance of longer-term profitability.
  • Increased confidence – Trading can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to it and learning how to trade. Using signals can give you the confidence to enter into trades with greater assurance. It is like having a predefined trading plan, but one which is put in place by a platform to guide you. When you stick to the rules and it works, you can be more confident in your trading process.

After all this, perhaps the best reason to use forex signals is that they allow you to make money even when you’re not actively trading. That’s because many signals provide the option of automating your trades in a similar way to trading robots.

Different Types Of Trading Signals

There are many different types of forex signals, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. In order to find the best signals service for your needs, it’s important to understand the different types available.

The most common type of forex signal is the technical analysis signal. This type of signal uses historical data to predict future price movements. It can be very accurate, but it’s also susceptible to false signals if you do not narrow down some of the trades you accept.

Another type of signal provider would focus on the fundamental analysis signal. This type uses news and economic data to predict price movements. This type of signals provider is usually less susceptible to false signals, but fundamental analysis is a very macro topic.

The third type of forex signal is the technical breakout signal. This type uses historical data to identify patterns in price movements with technical indicators. When a pattern is identified, a trade is initiated. This type of signal can be less frequent in the issuing, but has potential of seeing rather large movements when correct.

Finally, there are social sentiment signals. This type of signal uses data from social media websites to predict price movements and while it uses completely different data sets from usual trading, some of the best crypto signals rely on social sentiment as a more retail heavy instrument.

Away from the more traditional signals which can be programmed, you then have the expert trader signals that are prompted through communities or trading platforms.

One example is the online broker NextMarkets which has a large group of trading gurus that update signals onto the platform multiple times per day. You are then getting not just the signal itself, but some reasoning behind this from an individual trader and you can then create a list of those you like the most to follow.

We know only too well that the hunt for profitable signals can take you through many bad operators, so let’s move on to some of the trusted services.

List of the best signals providers

Below is a list of some of the best signals providers in the industry. This section is largely filled with providers that are not directly provided by online trading platforms or brokers themselves. We have separated out the two in case you would rather have a fully integrated signals provider along with a broker.

Best Forex Signals

1000PipBuilder – A top signals platform for trading forex

1000pipbuilder trading signals logo

Cost – $97 p/m, with current offer of $397 for 12 months subscription.
Signal Delivery Options – Email, Telegram, SMS

Get signup offer with 1000PipBuilder

Still ranking as one of the best forex signal providers is 1000PipBuilder. The performance over long periods has been consistently profitable, and verified by third party tools such as MyFXBook. It should be of no surprise then that the forex signals from 1000PipBuilder has built a loyal following from the retail forex trading community.

1000pip builder forex signals profitable targets

The lead trader is listed as Bob James, who with more than 10 years of experience trading forex is personally overseeing the delivery of the signals using a few different methods. These methods are referred to as trend capture, range trap, and momentum rider. In large they each focus around different types of technical analysis trend monitoring, with some fundamental analysis added in.

With a stated goal of 350 pips per month, and a large base of positive user reviews on other trusted resources, this is one of the forex signals providers to keep on your short-list. Our detailed review includes some information on how we got on ourselves using the 1000PipBuilder signals service so if you want to know more, feel free to drop through for a read.

FxPremiere Forex Signals

Fxpremiere logo

Cost – $37 p/m, $500 lifetime
Signal Delivery Options – Telegram

Get FxPremiere Trading signals

FxPremiere is a forex signal provider that delivers via Telegram, which is a mobile app similar to WhatsApp. You have the option to either take a one month subscription or a lifetime run for a one off cost but we would recommend to keep risks to a minimum with any new signal provider.

Once you have your own experience and are comfortable with how the signals service works, and the profitability percentage of trades, you can then decide from a more informed position. – Amongst the best signals for forex trading

forex signals com logo

Cost – $79 for 1 month, $39p/m for 12 months agreement
Signal Delivery Options – Trading Room/ Community

Get Forexsignals offers both a standard forex signal service along with a VIP option. There are usually various offers available on the prices above that are available from our link, lowering monthly costs by up to 50% in most cases.

The track record of the signals service is good, with thousands of positive user reviews on various forums.

This particular forex signals service delivers from within trading rooms and your subscription is actually for the room and community more than the trade ideas. As you cannot get your forex signal without the community, this is effectively a two for one scenario that delivers some additional value for money.


fxlifestyle logo for one of best forex telegram signals providers

Cost – $85 p/m
Signal Delivery Options – Telegram

Get FXLifestyle Signals

FXLifestyle are a forex signals service that has stacks of positive user reviews, and is another that delivers signals through Telegram. At $85 per month it is a little pricier than some of the other options we have included, but we are not sure that the quality is any better than the other best forex signals services to deserve the markup.

Whilst it seems that the majority of users are happy, the others on the list are also very highly rated. We suggest you take a look through the history yourself in a bit more detail before deciding whether FXLifestyle signals is going to be the right forex signals service for you.

Best Free Forex Signals

Some of the best signals for forex available are provided by communities of like minded people. These forex signals can be delivered from thousands of active traders who are experienced with trading in the perilous waters of the foreign exchange market.

The forex brokers and trading platforms that integrate these communities are commonly known as Copy Trading platforms. These types of trading signals and the track record of the traders who issue them are all visible publicly, and usually without any cost. Having an additional layer of visibility on the signals issuer is one way to protect yourself from forex signals scams, which unfortunately do still exist in the market.

So if you do decide to take free forex signals from within one of the broker platforms below, always ensure that you check the profile and the history of the trader you decide to follow. Do not assume that past performance will dictate what you can expect in the future, but the longer a trader has been successful in general the better.

FXTM – Free Forex Signals From FXTM Invest Integrated In Platform

fxtm invest signals

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $10

Best signals for forex by FXTM

OctaFX – Free Signals for forex from Copy Trader app & Autochartist

octa fx new logo

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $25

Trading can be made easier with Autochartist on OctaFX, or via Copy Trading. You can see the simple guide to using Autochart on the video below to learn just how easy it is to take the alerts and notifications and turn these into trading opportunities.

Pepperstone – Forex signals integrated with external providers

Pepperstone signals integration logo

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $200

AvaTrade – Trading signals from DupliTrade & ZuluTrade delivered on platform

Avatrade logo

Cost – Free* (*ZuluTrade ha 20% performance fee from profit)
Minimum Deposit – $100

eToro – Thousands of free signals to follow from CopyPortfolios

Best Signals Trading App

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $50

Best Crypto Signals Provider

The list of the best crypto signals providers is growing by the day alongside the industry in general. Whilst you learn how to trade crypto you will be well supported with one of the below crypto trading signals services that have made the cut.

Degram Crypto Signals

Le-Trader Crypto Signals & Trading Bot

Crypto Alarm

4C Trading Signals

Best Free Crypto Signals

The best free crypto signals services are usually integrated directly with crypto exchanges as these can be more well established than newer entrants.

StormGain offer Free Crypto Signals with up to 1:300 leverage direct

free crypto signals from Stormgain with 300:1 leverage

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $10

eToro have some of the best crypto signals to copy on the market, free

Best Signals Trading App

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $50

KuCoin provide crypto trading bot and signals on Spot or Futures

Kucoin crypto trading

Cost – Free
Minimum Deposit – $100

How To Use Forex & Crypto Trading Signals

This section will help you learn forex signals quickly and easily.

If you are going to take the final decision on your trades yourself and merely use the signals as an indicator (advised until you have large amounts of data), you will be receiving a trading signal based on your preferred delivery method.

There are now trading signals on WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email, or direct in your trading app so there is a choice for you to make.

Once you have received the trading signals, it is then up to you to take that signal over to your broker account and execute, unless it is configured via an API on the signals app. If it is a direct API integration, you will usually just be able to click ‘accept signal’ and the trade will be preloaded into your broker account just waiting for you to press the buy or sell button.

If you are just receiving the forex signals and self-executing, the process of how to use signals will look more like the below :

  1. Receive the signal for your highlighted instrument, with a clear guide on what the signal is related to, what the buy/sell price target is, and what your stop and take profit levels should be.
  2. Go to your broker account and either execute the order as delivered or adjusted to your own risk.

That is it, just two steps forex signals in most cases and quite easy to execute as long as you can get the right entries. For example, if you receive a forex signal for the EUR/USD currency pair to buy 1 lot at 1.1077, with a targeted exit (take profit) of 1.1152 and a stop loss at 1.1052, you just need to get to your account in time to place the order at the targeted price level.

If you are using one of the best forex signals that have direct integration with a broker, this whole process can be reduced to a single click to accept the signal and trade but you may prefer a signals service that does not integrate for one reason or another.

Best Trading Signals Providers Criteria

When choosing a forex signal service, it’s important to consider how much experience the platform has so you can verify historical data. Whilst past performance is not an indicator of future success, you may feel more comfortable with a signals provider with the highest win rate above a completely new entry.

The best services will have multiple traders with many years of experience who know how to navigate all types of markets but are also experts in the instrument that you want to trade.

It is important to look for a service that offers a wide range of trading opportunities, which could include forex signals and crypto signals in the same place. If you are going to trade with multiple assets, you are better off only paying for one signals provider!

Depending on how much experience you have in trading generally, you may want to have a host of customization options available to you to enact your own plan with the help of forex signals as opposed to relying on them fully.

Evaluate the type of signals the service is focused on to ensure it aligns with your own trading preferences and knowledge area. If you are a technical analysis trader usually, it would be preferable to use a service that focuses on the same so that you can both verify visually on your own charts, and even learn how to spot additional patterns or reversals.

The final point you will want to consider is the price. There are free forex signals services and there are paid ones. One is not necessarily better than the other, but a large number of the free crypto signals in particular are no better than a first-time trader. If you are going to pay for a signals service, you will need to judge the price point versus the value they are delivering.

With trading being a financially rewarding activity (when you get it right), it would be worth paying a little more for improved performance but only if that were guaranteed. Unfortunately with all things trading, there are no guarantees even for the most successful signals service in history. Each trade is a new trade, and whilst we can use past data to give us a guide, it still cannot tell us the future.

So there you have it, that is how we are rating the best forex and best crypto signals providers in our lists – feel free to use the same or to add in your own criteria.