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Pepperstone Demo Account: Step-By-Step Guide

We’re going to introduce you to the Pepperstone Demo Account, allowing you to practice and get comfortable with trading before investing your hard-earned cash. In this guide, we’ll be evaluating the pros and cons of the Pepperstone demo account along with providing you step-by-step instructions on how to open one and make your first trade.

What we like about the Pepperstone Demo Account

The most significant benefit of the Pepperstone demo account is the fact that it allows you to practice risk-free trading, and as someone who is new to trading, gaining experience and perfecting your strategies without risking your capital is an invaluable opportunity. That being said, this is the same as with all demo accounts and we want to know a little more about what separates Pepperstone from the rest.

  • Pepperstone demo account users can choose between the MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms which is a step above many of the competitors.
  • The multi regulated nature of the broker across many Tier 1 jurisdictions including FCA, ASIC, sitting alongside various others such as CySEC, CMA, SCB and BaFin provides a lot of reassurance that you are trading with a safe partner, even if this is just the first demo step.
  • $50,000 in demo funds are ready for you to trade with.
  • No minimum deposit requirement when you are ready to move on to live trading.

What can be improved with the Pepperstone demo account?

One of the drawbacks of the Pepperstone demo account versus others is that it is only available for thirty days. After this period, the account is automatically closed, and you will need to register again unless you contact the broker and request an extension. While this might not be an issue for users who regularly practice trading, it can be tedious for those who don’t.

There is currently no live chat support on the demo account, which can be frustrating for users who encounter problems during the trading process. It is a hard balance to get right providing support on a completely free account, but this is something that can help users feel more comfortable in trading before moving on for real.

You will notice the improvement areas above are very specific to the demo account environment, and will not be encountered in the same way when trading on a live account, but as we are evaluating the Pepperstone demo account, it is only fair that these aspects are taken in to consideration. We have conducted a full review of Pepperstone separately should you wish to know more!

Opening a Pepperstone Demo Account – The Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Visit the Pepperstone website and click on the “Demo account” button.

pepperstone demo account

Step 2 – Fill in the required fields, including name, email, date of birth and phone number to create your profile.

Pepperstone demo account form

Step 3 – Select ‘demo profile’ on the screen.

Step 4 – Select your trading platform, either MT4, MT5, cTrader, or Trading View. Here you will also have the option to give the account a nickname, select between account type (Razor or Standard), as well as the account currency and the balance you would like to practice with (up to $50,000).

Choose Pepperstone demo account tyoe

Step 5 – After submitting the form, you will receive an email with a link to download the platform with your login details, along with the option to download directly on screen now, or go to Webtrader.

Pepperstone demo mt4 download

Step 6 – Install the platform and log in using the username and password provided in the email or insert these directly in to the Webtrader.

That’s it, your Pepperstone demo account is created and ready to go in under 2 minutes.

After logging in, you have access to the virtual trading environment, including charts, tools, and market data. Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with the trading platform, its features, and the practice account. Once you are comfortable with the system, choose your trading instrument, enter your position details, and begin to execute your trades.


Does Pepperstone offer a demo account?

Yes! Pepperstone provides not just one, but two options when it comes to demo accounts. There’s a MetaTrader 4 demo account, as well as a MetaTrader 5 demo account, depending on your preference. These demo accounts mirror the live trading environment of the platform, allowing you to trade with virtual funds, without the risk of losing real money.

Why do I trade better on a demo account

There could be several reasons for why you trade better on a demo account. However, one of the primary reasons is that the lack of stressful actual consequences and the freedom to experiment and learn allows you to perfect your trading strategies and techniques.

How much money do you risk when you are trading demo?

When trading on a demo account, you’re not actually risking any real money, as it’s a virtual environment. Instead, you’re trading with virtual funds that simulate the experience of live trading. While this is a fantastic feature for practice, it’s important to keep in mind that trading behaviour may differ when emotions and real funds are at play.

Can you withdraw profit from a demo account?

Unfortunately, no. Since demo accounts are used specifically for practice purposes, all trading is conducted with virtual funds, and any profits generated do not qualify as actual earnings.

What is the minimum withdrawal from Pepperstone?

The minimum withdrawal from Pepperstone varies depending on the payment method. For most payment options, the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Fees and processing times also depend on the payment method.

How long should you trade on a demo account?

There’s no set duration for how long you should trade on a demo account. It’s up to you to decide when you’re comfortable and ready to move on to live trading. However, we’d recommend that you trade on a demo account until you’re consistently profitable and have a solid trading plan in place.

Is Pepperstone demo free?

Yes, Pepperstone demo accounts are completely free to use. You can trade with virtual funds and experience the live trading environment without incurring any costs.

How much is the minimum deposit for a Pepperstone account?

The minimum deposit for a Pepperstone account is dependent on the account type. For standard accounts, there is no minimum deposit, for Razor accounts the minimum deposit is $1,000. Fees, commissions, and minimum trade sizes also vary depending on the account type selected.

How long does a Pepperstone demo account last?

Pepperstone demo accounts last for 30 days, giving you ample time to practice various strategies and get familiar with the platform. If you need an extension or want to try out a new demo account, you can always request one via the Pepperstone client area on their website.