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Trade245 Minimum Deposit – ZAR/USD/GBP Supported

Trade245 minimum deposit level is left entirely to you as a user, assuming you choose to open and fund an account with this FSCA regulated broker that is.

The minimum deposit required to open an account with Trade245 is $1 effectively (as they state officially there is no fixed minimum deposit). This is the case for certain other online brokers, although many do implement higher minimums, as it is required to execute trades.

Trade245 minimum deposit

Trade245 Minimum Deposit : 3 Account Currencies

If you’re looking to get started in online trading, the trade245 minimum deposit is a great place to start with a minimal risk from a capital outlay perspective. With a low minimum deposit, you can get started with a small amount of money and still have access to all the features and benefits of the trading platform.

It is worth noting that if you just want to test a platform, you may be better off using a demo account with more (practice) capital to trade with. It is, after all, going to be really difficult to actually make meaningful trades with a $1 deposit.

Trade245 allow you to open accounts in 3 different base currencies, with the minimum deposit remaining the same regardless. The currencies supported at this time are ZAR, USD, and GBP.

Is Trade245 a trusted broker or not? What do the reviews say?

Whilst we have seen a lot of chatter and search activity for Trade245 in recent times, they are still a relatively new player in the forex trading space. As such we have done a few checks to see what the general view is on the market, as up until this stage they Trade245 is still a rather unknown quantity.

As a broker with FSCA regulation via Red Pine Capital (FSP No. 46044), Trade245 have the credentials to offer services safely in South Africa, but the reviews seem a little mixed from what we can see so far.

Seeing as we do not like to be put off purely from other online reviews, we have begun our own test, to see whether the issues raised in reviews are the same in reality. We will report back further once we have had an opportunity to complete the various tests we have in mind. Below you can see links to some consumer review sites that give you an indication of the view from the market today.

Trade245 Trustpilot Rating – 2.2/5.0
Wikifx Trade245 Score – 1.83/10.0
Trade245 Hellopeter Rating – 2.2/10.0

In the meantime, we are going to break down the account types and trading platforms offered, so you can have an idea what is in store on a technical perspective if you do go ahead and open a Trade245 account.

Trade245 Contact Details

If you need to contact Trade245 for any reason, the main method offered is the email account [email protected] . You may prefer other methods of contact for whatever reason, and some of the main details you might want are listed below.

Office Address :
Menlyn Square, Building B, 1st Floor
132 Aramist Ave
Menlyn, Pretoria, 0063

Registered Address :
Atrium on 5th, Floor 9, 5th Street Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Telephone : +27(0) 87 828 8245

Email : [email protected]

Trading Accounts Offered

Trade 245 account features

Each of the various account types offered by Trade245 are all on either the MetaTrader4, or MT5, platform. This market leading software is the choice of many forex traders, and will ensure a large portion of existing traders feel familiar with the broker from day 1.

The 6 different stated account types with Trade245 are listed below, and are largely quite similar on paper. Each offers leverage of 1:500 and variable spreads; then there are single variants for the other key points stated.

Trade 245 Bonus Account

  • Leverage – 1:500
  • Bonus Type – 100% matching
  • Spreads – From 1.0
  • Platform – MT4

Zero Spread Account

  • Leverage – 1:500
  • Spreads – From 0.0
  • Spread Type – Variable
  • Platform – MT4

Swap Free Account

  • Leverage 1:500
  • Spreads – From 1.0
  • Bonus – Not supported
  • Platform – MT4

Cent Account

  • Leverage 1:500
  • Spreads – From 1.0
  • Platform – MT4

No Bonus Account

  • Leverage – 1:500
  • Spreads – From 1.0
  • Platform – MT4

Vix75 Account

  • Leverage – 1:500
  • Spreads – From 1.0
  • Platform – MT5

Restricted Countries

At this time, Trade245 seem to be able to support users from almost all Countries except the USA, and would use the offshore regulation to facilitate this. Trade245 South Africa users should be opening accounts with the FSCA regulated branch, but for most other Countries you will be registered under the Seychelles FSA regulated arm.

Typically, to trade from the UK, Australia, or Europe, you would want your broker to have FCA, European, or ASIC tier 1 regulation, so this is something else to consider. We have some related pages below that feature the best brokers with appropriate regulation :

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Trade245 minimum deposit summary

In summary, the Trade245 minimum deposit is as low as you can find, but you may want to do some more due diligence before deciding if this is the right broker for you. There are various risks when trading online, including counterparty risk, and this is something you should be confident about before starting.

Whilst other online review portals seem to be less than favorable towards Trade245, you may want to consider reading these for yourself to see what issues may (or may not be) on the horizon should this become your broker of choice.